Pump designs change and have become more efficient through the years, they have also changed physically making their replacement
a challenge in sometimes difficult to alter and space restricted conditions.

Our Sales and Service team can offer many years of experience in helping to solve these issues.

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On the left you can see the unit as installed, as well as the demo / trial unit.



The picture on the left shows the filter lid removed with clean magnets.

The picture on the right shows the magnets covered in deposits from the system.

This equipment was a special manufacture for a Banks emergency Generators fuel supply, we made up the twin pump set with filters, relief valves etc., and control panel with ultrasonic level control.

The pump enclosure & stainless steel electrical cover / hood were also part of the supply package.


This Grundfos Twin LMD pump (with one head blanked off) was beyond economical repair, and also from a discontinued range.

We selected & supplied a replacement from Grundfos’s newer TP range & installed on site using extension spacer pieces increasing from 125mm to 150 mm flanges with offset bends to facilitate the perfect fit.


The pump is now installed and working perfectly.

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